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We are a small group of residents and homeowners just like you, wanting to do our part to make a difference in the communities where we live.

We have a dedicated editorial and interview staff and a very important Community Volunteer Network that allows us to reach out to more than 130,000 of our Nextdoor Neighbors in four nearby counties.

Our mission is a simple but important one.  Our all-volunteer staff strives to present interesting interviews and articles that will improve the quality of life of our followers.  Many of our interviews are with the superintendents of area parks and we also give our regional “Eco” nonprofits the opportunity to tell us what they do and why they are so important.

We also partner with local 2 and 4 year colleges to bring their messages to our readers.

We are always looking for more dedicated volunteers to help with content and with our most important Community Volunteer program as well.

The Regency Park Partnership  - For Community – For you

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