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DEFINITION:  The Regency Park Partnership (RPP) is a collaborative effort between Community Volunteers (CV) and its volunteer editorial staff to offer information, awareness, and resources to communities in the Triangle region. 

WHAT WE PUBLISH:  We partner with regional nonprofits, educational institutions, state and county departments,  and other organizations in an effort to offer in-depth interviews that will explain their missions, and informative articles that will improve the quality of life of our citizens.

HOW WE MARKET OUR WEB CONTENT:  We market our web-content and our public service announcements exclusively on the Nextdoors we serve and for the benefit of our Nextdoor Neighbors.

ORGANIZATION:  The RPP is an all-volunteer organization. Its editorial staff, and its community volunteers are in no way compensated for their contributions.




NEXTDOOR:  The RPP is not affiliated with Nextdoor, and is not responsible for any of its content other than posts that are made by the RPP.


REGISTED USERS: The RPP may from time to time distribute E-newsletters and other notifications to its registered users and its affiliates.  Please email   subject:  Request to become a registered user.


COMMENTARY:  We do not respond to commentary that is made on Nextdoor.  Commentary should be emailed to

COLLECTION AND USE OF WEBSITE VISITOR INFORMATION:  The RPP never collects personal information or any other information about its site visitors, registered users, or its affiliates.  We do not use Cookies to collect information about visitors to our website.


PERMISSION TO REPUBLISH CONTENT:  The RPP,  its related parties, and its affiliates may from time-to-time grant permission to republish its content.  Please email, subject:  Permissions


LIMITATION OF LIABILITY:    The RPP does not endorse or warrant the products or services of any entities that are contained in its web content.


DISCLAIMER:  The RPP does not make any representation as to the accuracy of the information in its articles and interviews and cannot be held liable for any incorrectly displayed information

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