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“Inclusion Works” Initiative Launches to Help People With Disabilities Gain Competitive Integrated Employment


The NCDHHS recently launched the Inclusion Works initiative to promote competitive integrated employment for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, because everyone in North Carolina has a right to work in an integrated setting for fair pay if that is their choice.

Inclusion Works offers resources for people with disabilities seeking employment, those who are currently employed and employers who hire and retain staff with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD). The initiative offers services to help people with I/DD find and maintain jobs in the community such as career counseling, job training, internships and more. 

NCDHHS offers webinars and technical assistance calls to share best practices and updates regarding services to support providers in expanding their practice. Find more information on how your business can benefit.

Read a newsletter article about how Inclusion Works, through NCDHHS' Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, helped Brittany Ellis find a job that fit her strengths. 


Read this entire article on the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services website here

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