The best museum in town you don’t know about…


The Gregg Museum of Art & Design, as seen from the Sigma Nu Garden Pathway

Nestled on the grounds of the Historic Chancellor’s Residence, on Hillsborough Street near the Memorial Bell Tower, with a beautiful 15,000 square-foot addition and artfully landscaped gardens, is the place to encounter ideas, and to come in contact with real and amazing things. The Gregg Museum of Art & Design, NC State University’s collecting and exhibiting museum holds a varied collection of objects that reflect and enhance the curricula of the University. Major holdings include textiles, craft, clothing, ceramics, folk and Native American art, photography, design, decorative arts, and self-taught art.

When you visit, you’ll walk from your convenient parking space to the museum door surrounded by well-tended lawns and lovely gardens.  You’ll be able to tour the Historic Chancellor’s Residence, with artwork from the permanent collection on view in the Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg Native American Arts Collection Study Room and rotating exhibitions throughout its other rooms. You’ll visit the contemporary addition, browse the galleries, and then visit the formal gardens for a rest or walk.



In fulfilling its mission to spark creativity and encourage exploration through its engaging exhibitions and arts programming, the Gregg aims to provide a variety of thought-provoking educational experiences, with a focus on outstanding examples of art, craft, and design from a wide range of disciplines.


The collection has been designed to promote a better understanding of our history, culture, and time, and to foster learning and an appreciation of the arts.

2Part of the Gregg Museum's on-site

collections area. Objects are also

held at an off-site location


4Heart Felt, 2018 by Andy

Nasisse, part of the exhibition

"Animate Earth-Adventures in


With several new exhibitions each year, there is almost always something new to see at the Gregg. Exhibitions present diverse artists, cultures, media, and techniques that examine the regions where art and design intersect with science, engineering, math, and technology. Some of these exhibitions originate as traveling exhibitions from other institutions. 


5A Thousand Throws, by Daniel Johnston

Others are curated from the Gregg’s own diverse holdings. Both are intended to broaden the range of perspectives offered and are enhanced by related programming. Many of the exhibitions are accompanied by thought-provoking publications such and catalogues and books.

Because the dates of on-site exhibitions vary, it is best to visit the museum’s website at There, one will find listings of current and future exhibitions, the latest programs and events, and a selection of virtual exhibitions, past and present, that one can visit any time.




The Gregg’s online virtual exhibitions are designed to be visited at your own pace. It is possible to go from room to room, and to increase the magnification to enjoy specific items of interest in more detail. To get started on your personal tour go to  And remember, small children and refreshments are always allowed on these virtual tours – pets too!

6The Dr. Lynn Jones Ennis Room, in a 360-degree view


The Gregg Museum offers educational opportunities for NC State and the surrounding community, including internships and collaborations with faculty. Using the museum’s rotating exhibitions as well as its permanent collections, the Gregg offers both faculty and students opportunities to supplement regular classroom teaching, as well as independent research.


Area K-12 teachers are also invited to make use of the museum resources for classroom visits, virtual programming and more.  Guided tours, collaborative partnerships, special workshops, internships, and access to collection objects are only some of the many possible options that can be arranged.  To learn more, you can email Zoe Starling, Curator of Education, at 


7Gregg interns examining Panamanian textiles

Please visit the website of the Gregg Museum at  to learn, more about its programs, parking options, and how you can help support the efforts of the Gregg Museum.


Please email the Gregg at or call 919.515.3503. The staff will do their best to assist you.


                   And remember, there is never any fee or admission charge to visit the Gregg.


Address:  1903 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone:      919.515.3503
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