One of our valued affiliates has asked us to help them in their search for new board members.


Clean Jordan Lake (CJL) is a nonprofit community-driven organization committed to removal of trash from the Jordan Lake and prevent its recurrence. It exists to inform, inspire, and coordinate cleanups and raise public awareness of the importance of watershed-wide, good stewardship. In 12 years, 8,600 volunteers have participated in over 650 trash cleanup events, resulting in removal of 19,000 bags of trash and 4,700 tires.  It is a smaller non-profit with no paid staff that depends on its board members for advice, direction, and project management.


 CLJ is currently seeking several new board members who are willing to devote about 4 hours per month to help them achieve their goals. Small nonprofits like CJL depend on Board members not only for advice but for project management.


Some of its current projects that its board members are involved with include:


  • Fund raising to buy a pontoon boat for of trash and ferrying volunteers.


  • Management of existing Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and GIS to keep track of trash cleanup programs.


  • Management of social media.


  • Outreach to elected officials and staff in 8 counties of the lake’s watershed.


Please visit their website at cleanjordanlake.org to learn more, and see its Regency Park Partnership interview here to see a comprehensive interview with the founder of Clean Jordan Lake.


Please reply to vanmurray@cleanjordanlake.org , President of Clean Jordan Lake, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a board member.