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Applications Open for Local Civic Nonprofit Grant Program


Are you involved in a civic nonprofit group that serves Holly Springs residents? Applications for the 2023 Local Civic Nonprofit Grant Program are open through March 5.

To apply, complete and submit an application, a current year budget, and an independent financial audit. For groups applying for more than $500, a financial statement of assets and liabilities / net worth also is required. This Excel worksheet can assist in the task.

The grant program also is available to individuals or groups requesting funding for capital improvements, enhancements, or landscaping on Town-owned or Town-leased property. These applicants must first gain prior approval by the related Town department before applying.

Grants of $2,500 or less may be awarded for activities that serve a public purpose. Application criteria includes evaluating if the group or initiative is available to all residents of Holly Springs, supports the Town’s strategic priority areas, and directly impacts life in Town. 

A grant funding decision is anticipated to be made by the Holly Springs Town Council in April.

Click here for more information and to apply for a grant by March 5.

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